Our Farm

We offer quality wool lambs, goat kids and breeding stock from our show winning Cashmere Goats, registered Pure-bred Nubian Dairy Goats and registered Lincoln Longwool Sheep.  In addition to our breeding stock we have a few Cross-bred Sheep with fabulous medium diameter wool, and Cashgora Goats with a lustrous, soft almost cashmere fiber.

The two of us have been enjoying raising sheep and goats since 1999 on our small acreage in North Central Texas, about 6 miles east of Terrell.

Our small flock is “closed”, does not have CL and has tested negative for CAE.  We participate in the Scrapie Flock Certification Program and are Certified Scrape Free.  Our sheep and goats are completely monitored by a State/Federal veterinarian.  Dr. Casey Risinger DVM, our local veterinarian, has through the years taken excellent care of our flock.  (Special thank you to Casey who has educated us into being better care takers of all the boys and girls). 

Responsible de-worming and immunization is practiced.

Formerly, were members and then Board Members of the Texas Cashmere Association.  Garth served as Vice President then President and I was Secretary for two years.

Presently, are members of the Northwestern Cashmere Association, American Dairy Goat Association and National Lincoln Longwool Sheep Breeders Association.

This site is under construction.

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